Smoking remains a significant health problem in Indonesia and it is plausible that it becomes the largest single risk factor for premature death in some countries. Tobacco-control strategies have been conducted by government to discourage smoking in Indonesia. However, some strategy used seems useless. People still smoke cigarettes for a couple of reasons.


A lack of education relates to smoking effect is considered the leading cause of smoking behavior.

Indramayu College of Health Science as a health promoting campus leads an innovation strategy to overcome such problem. It is a hypnotherapy for smoking cessation. Mr. Idham Latief, S.KM., M.Kes, a quit smoking counselor from Indramayu College of Health Science, have used such strategy over 3-year for nicotine addiction. Hypnotherapy is defined as a treatment of a variety of health conditions by inducing prolonged sleep.

Hypnotherapy process 

The other strategies used are interactive theatre and drama-based strategy organized by students of Indramayu College of Health Science. It is an annual occasion conducted in World No Tobaco Day. Students use this strategy to educate society about health consequences of cigarettes smoking. These programs proved successful as it can engage young generation in innovative ways. In 2018, Students used Cimanuk Park to celebrate World No Tobaco Day. Cimanuk Park is claimed as a strategic place in Indramayu since teenagers use such place to congregate with their community. By using eye catching venue, health promotion will run effectively and efficiently.

Interactive theatre by Public Health Students in Cimanuk Park

Moreover, students also use signing commitment where people can make a signature on blank page to support issue of tobacco-control strategy. Signing commitment plays an important role in raising society awareness. Subsequently, it also used to draw attention of change maker to address tobacco issue in Indramayu.

To sum up, civitas academica of Indramayu College of Health Science commits to concentrate on tobacco prevention and education by promoting such issue considerably.